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 Customer Testimonials
  1. Love the calming drops!! Had family over for Christmas and our dog was so calm when normally she would be barking her head off! The flea and tick drops are great too! Will definitely be a repeat customer!
    Rhonda Jenkins - 01/2016
  2. I've been using Buddy's Flea & Tick product for almost 11 months now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!! Not only are my 3 Pibbles flea & tick free but they smell so good!! I get complimented on how nice they smell all of the time. I have to share there fabulous "perfume" secret...its Buddy's Flea & Tick Remedy! lol I love that they are protected by an all natural solution, they are safe from those horrible chemicals and toxins in other products. I especially love learning that with continued growth of this company (as soon as they are able) they will also be educating, donating, and helping the community and shelters w/ the problems that they are faced w/ everyday. Kudos BuddyDogShop for "giving back"!!! Best of luck with your wonderful company great NATURAL products!
    Tammy Lynn Abner - 11/2015
  3. I've been using Buddy's Flea and Tick essential oil mixture in my diffuser for some time now. I have cats so I do not put the drops directly on them. So far, so good. No fleas seen in my home. It's a pleasant smell (even my husband likes the smell) and the cats don't seem to mind either. smile emoticon
    Joanne Crane - 02/2016
  4. Great source for product & information regarding holistic treatments and lifestyle change for your canine companion!
    Robin Bales - 10/2015
  5. I purchased the flea & tick spray as well as the drops and I think the combination of the two really do the trick. I just apply the drops every two weeks as recommended and then the spray for when we go on hikes for that added extra protection. I love the smell and so do my dogs. I also use the drops in my diffuser and my two cats actually receive their flea & tick treatment just by being in the same room as the diffuser and their skin seems so much more soft, no more flakes. I also tried the ear spray and when my dogs scrach their ears heavily, I know something isnt right so i give a light coating of this spray and the irritation is gone. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer! Thank you!!
    Jen Warner - 03/2016
  6. This is the best product. We live in the south and the fleas are horrific. We have been using Buddy's Flea and tick Treatment for a year now. 1000% successful, no CHEMICALS, the pups smell great, not diluted by water, 1 bottle 4 dogs lasted for 6 months, so economical. Love it and feel great about putting it on my fur kids
    MacKenzie Sparks - 03/2016
  7. Absolutely love these products. My five fur babies are flea, tick, and poison free. I highly recommend. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your products and knowledge of a safer remedy to prevent those pesky outdoor critters that want to infest our loved ones.
    Sandy Finamore
  8. A real animal lover, putting pets and animals in general at top priority level. No BS!
    Bob Smith - 04/2016
  9. Finally, my long search for a chemical free Flea & Tick preventative is over! Thank you BuddyDogShop for creating such wonderful products! Florida's fleas & ticks are notorious but with Buddy's Flea & Tick Remedy the battle is won! Final Score: Buddy's Flea & Tick Remedy: 100, FL fleas & ticks: 0!
    Beatriz Diaz
  10. I have been using Buddy's Flea & Tick for 2-3 months now. Started early before this wonderful weather we are having started bringing in those nasty little fleas and ticks. I have 2 rescues (1 lab mix and 1 shepherd/pibble mix - totally different hair and skin combo). I 100% LOVE the way this stuff smells; most importantly, I LOVE how this stuff works! 2-3 drops on their butt & 2-3 drops between their shoulder blades (reappply as needed weekly). I just rub the essential oil blend in and both dogs don't mind cus they think they are getting ALL of my attention! Their coats are shinny, they don't itch/scratch/bite at their skin. I use the spray as well when we come back from our walks or they come in from playing in the yard. Neither one mind the smell of this product (they are used to EO's infused in my house). I brush them daily and have yet to see a flea! I still check for ticks, haven't found one yet! This is the perfect product as long as you follow the directions, because this is not a product that you can use one time and not worry about it for a month like those chemicals sold in those boxes. You have to use it like it states, which is no problem for someone like me because I am always loving on my dogs.
    Staci Waltman - 05/2016
  11. Absolutely amazing care and attention given. I am in need of guidance in helping my sick kitty and so much information has been provided. I am so grateful!
    Miriam Scigliano - 05/2016
  12. LOVE This Product! I started using on my Rascal bout 3 months ago & she has been doing great! I feel so much better knowing she is getting something safe, without all those chemicals. I have been giving her twice a month, bout every 15 days.. With the hotter weather & her getting squirted with the hose to keep her cool outside, I sometimes give her a bit more... My Rascal Loves to lay in the grass, loves to be outside & I have had no issues with her since using Buddy's Flea & Tick product! Thank you Jen & Buddy!! I'm going to have to get the spray & also order some more of Buddy's flea & Tick! We Love You Guys!
    Lori Onderko - 06/2016
  13. I've been using the flea and tick remedy on my dogs for about 6 months. It's been working great! I love how easy it is to use this product. And the smell is pleasing too. I don't like the idea of putting toxic chemicals on my pets. In the past we've used Frontline and Advantage... The label on those products reads "Hazards to humans: Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after handling". Really? It is toxic to our skin but somehow it's okay to use on our fur kids? I don't think so! My dogs are members of my family and I want to use the safest, best products. Give this a try. Effective, easy and safe!
    Deb Van Allen - 01/2016
  14. This is the best flea preventative! I live in the South and one bottle has lasted an entire year and I have not seen a single flea! I have three dogs and run a rescue so flea prevention is crucial! We also visit the local dog park every day! Highly recommended!
    Angela Westfall - 03/2017
  15. BuddyDogShop has quickly become my favorite shop! The service is top notch and are always available to answer any questions I have. My dog Whiskey uses many of their awesome products and I have seen quite the change in him. I highly recommend them! We have also used their Reiki service and it has benefited both myself and Whiskey. They have also helped with learn about nutritional ways to help Whiskey thrive. I trust them 100%!
    Kimberly Ann Frey - 04/2017
  16. I use Buddy's Pet Bed & Kennel Deodorizer on my dogs bed all the time & it works great. I have a room my dog was peeing in & no matter how many times I cleaned the carpet, I couldn't get the urine smell out. On a whim, I sprayed Buddy's Pet Bed & Kennel Deodorizer in the room & was amazed. No more urine smell & it's been several days!
    Tracy Clark Hyatt - 05/2017
  17. This is not only a place to shop great products, but also a trustful resource for advise! I adopted my now 7 years old border collie since he was six months. He has very sensitive stomach as well as skin allergy. The first time I contacted Jennifer was actually asking her about raw diet because I read a lot of articles that blame kibble for skin allergy, and also in the beginning of this year there were several serious recalls of dog food. She was supper patient and gave me tons of useful suggestions about changing to raw diet. I read her book later, which by the way is very easy to follow for people who just start with raw diet like me. I was kind of worried because my dog is already 7 years old with a very sensitive stomach, not sure if he can handle the change. There were some setbacks, but after charting with Jennifer, there is a huge improvement with his allergy. I also used the soap while his skin is healing, it is amazing! It helps a lot with hydrating his skin, and his fur is nice and shiny for almost two weeks! My neighbors can not stop complimenting on his coat! highly recommend!
    Xiaoxiao Zhang - 05/2017
  18. Very loving and caring to our fur babies! Highly recommended! Best ever!!!
    Elaine White - 09/2016
  19. I've recently bought the ear spray remedy for my little bichpoo who just turned 1 year old. She had been very itchy in her ears, always scratching them and sometimes getting to the point to hurt herself. I spoke to Jennifer, who always answers me with an extraordinary assistance and she recommeded me to use the ear spray. Well, with only 4 applications of the product, her itchness disappeared! Now, I apply it to her ears as a prevention because she doesn't have itchy ears anymore. I became a HUGE fan of Jennifer's products when my other dog got sick and Jennifer gave me not only tips on how to use BuddyDogShop products, but also developed a special diet to my dog that has restrictions on what to eat, and customized some of the products to attend her needs If you don't use BuddyDogShop products yet, you don't know what you are missing! They are awesome! Today, I use all of their products, especially the fleas and ticks one. It's simply amazing!!!
    Elaine White 06/2017