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​​ About Us

Our Mission is to help people understand the dangers of toxins,  to teach them safer alternatives for the health of their pets and to educate people about holistic alternatives.

Our Vision is to continue helping, educating and teaching people.  We will continue to offer better alternatives for healthier pets and to develop new products to help them.  Our goal is to consistantly exceed the expectations of our clients both human and animal.

Our Values are to continue advocating awareness, fight against animal cruelty, respecting the life of all pets and offering only high quality products using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  

We are a GREEN company and use all recycleable materials.

​As the CEO and founder of BuddyDogShop, I started making holistic remedies for my own dogs awhile back because I hated giving them chemicals that they didn’t really need. My friends started asking about what I was using that made my dogs smell so nice. I told them that when I was young, my mother used to soak bandannas in warm water with essential oils, let them dry and tie them around my dogs’ neck and repeat every couple of weeks.  She used mixes of cedar wood and eucalyptus pure essential oils.  My grandmother also taught me from a young age about the benefits of pure essential oils, vitamins, herbs and supplements and how they aid in healthier living for both humans and animals. These women sparked an interest in me and I began researching  different oils and their uses along with speaking to holistic vets about what oils were best for my dogs. I found with the proper blends, I could make something that would prevent the fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and other pests that my dogs could get being outdoors a lot.  Now my pups play in the yard and and visit the park without any problems using with these oil blends.  I have stopped using the flea and tick chemical spot on treatments  years  ago and have been applying my own blend, which I call “Buddy’s Flea & Tick Remedy” twice a month to all my pups and to date we have not seen any signs of fleas or ticks and they all sleep in bed with us. 
Then my friends asked me if I could make some for them too. I started sending it to my favorite animal shelters and within a year, it had made its way across the country and everyone was telling me how well it worked and they wanted more.  Needless to say, it got so expensive that I had to start selling it.  Well, then became obvious that a legal company needed to be started and that is how BuddyDogShop, LLC. became legitimate.  

Buddy, my Boxer/Great Dane is the face of this company and it he is the inspiration.  From rags to riches, or so to speak...A shelter dog from Delaware County SPCA to the beneficiary of what will hopefully be a well known company someday. Yes, if something happens to me, Buddy and his furry siblings get it all! Buddy has urinary incontinence and has cost us quite a financial burdon but with the moment I laid eyes on him, it was love. I do believe that the love he gives to us in return is worth so much more than any bill we would have to pay. The struggles he had to face the first years of his life were hard on all of us.  We tried to correct his problem but due to him having MRSA, the implant we had done eventually had to come out due to complications and too many late night trips over an hour away to our surgeon's facility in Gaithersburg.  Check out "All for the Love of a Dog; Buddy's story" in our shop section to learn everything we faced during that first year with Buddy.  He is truly an inspiration to me and has taught me so much about patience and unconditional love. 
My product line keeps growing so new products are being introduced all the time.  This is due to things that we actually need in our household.  When a pup needs something, I research it, speak to my holistic vet and themn make something using my essential oils.  When I see time after time, it working, I then know we have made another great product. Keep in mind we have all special needs dogs of all kinds from puppies to seniors and there isn't a disease or illness that we have not faced. I know, it seems like a lot but with all the advice that we have paid to get and the experiences that we have learned from, we just want to be able to share it with all of you.  We encountered bills that might shock people and what good is it without being able to share those experiences.  Although not all natural treatments will work on your pets as they have ours but it will not hurt to try all natural options that have worked for us before putting your pets through chemical treatments that could hurt other area of their bodies while trying to fix the problems at hand.  Please email me if you have questions or concerns and I will be happy to assist.  

Chemical-based products these days come with a book of side effects, can be dangerous or cause adverse side effects and that is not acceptable for us or our pets. Learning and understanding the use of essential oils and their benefits leave you with a bettter knowledge of what you are giving your pets and how natural products are effecting them in a positive way. Your pets are your family, and of course, you want to protect them. Which means you want to keep them safe and protected from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects that can carry disease and lead to health issues. Follow my blog to educate yourself today. My products are made using safe and pure ingredients for your precious pets. I believe these products are your best options to help repel pests.  Safely tested on all four of our dogs with success! All products are NOT intended for internal use; topical application only.

I am a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils which enables me to have access to some of the best essential oils this country has to offer. Young living was recommended to me for my pets when I started this journey long before I decided to sell to the public.  My holistic veterinarian uses them herself and on all of her pets as well.   Through years of practice, I know that my products will work for you if used properly.  My products are safe for pets, humans and our environment and they get results! 

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and use my talents to help pets all over the world well as offering Pet Massage to the locals .  Please check out the Animal Reiki tab to learn more about the benefits for both you and your pets. 
Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, nor do I have any formal training in any medical field. The information presented here is not meant to replace your vet's advice or prescribed medications, but only to suggest additional options to explore, based on your dog's condition.
Buddy's Flea & Tick Remedy is only a preventative, if you currently have fleas you must rid the fleas to prevent further infestation. This product does not kill all fleas. 
Jennifer & Buddy
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