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Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you do
To heal, help, educate and prevent
BuddyDogShop, LLC. is dedicated to Animals in every way.  One of the things that we love to do is to support animal shelters in need of funds, food, supplies or anything they may need to keep thier shelters going full speed ahead for the benefits of the animals.  Some shelters spendextra time with certain animals that need a little extra attention that may have been abused, abandoned or mistreated in anyway.  Those animals require additional attention and training to get them 100% ready for loving forever homes. This takes time and money that we are ready to give.  Since inception, BuddyDogShop has donated thousands of dollars to assist these animals in need and we will continue to do so going forward.  Whenever we see a shelter in need of towels, blankets, food or supplies, we make sure it reaches them asap.  If you are interested in helping our cause, please feel free to donate any amount at anytime and your money will go to a good cause.  Please send donations to Paypal at  Please specify if you are looking for your funds to reach a specific cause.  We thank you for the bottom of our hearts!  ~Jennifer, Buddy and the team at BuddyDogShop
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Do you want to brag that you helped Jack fight The M.O.N.T.? (Mean Ole Nasty Tumor)
The legend of the great battle will be passed between generations and you can declare with pride that you were part of the famous epic!
(T-Shirts now available to help offset Jack's medical expenses)
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BuddyDogShop is all about helping out. We will periodically choose a charity, shelter or 501c organization that we believe in and help them raise funds by displaying their site on our website. There are times we will be raising money directly for them as well, it all depends on the charity but they are charities or shelters that we stand behind 100% because we have had personal experiences with them. If you would like help raising money or would like to have your site displayed on ours, please contact